Careers at EdiPro

Located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, we have heart in the heartland. We invest in our staff because we know our success depends on it.

Careers at EdiPro

Our values drive us forward.



We work collaboratively to improve the lives of our customers and employees.

Build Relationships

We foster dependable and committed relationships with our customers.

Preserve Curiosity

We strive to remain inquisitive so that we can continue to learn and grow.


We adapt to the unique needs of each customer, offering support and flexibility.

Integrity First

We place quality and integrity in the highest regard for all services and products.

Benefits at EdiPro

For full-time employees

Medical Insurance

PPO and HSA options

Paid Vacation Time

Employee Assistance Plan

Dental Insurance

Paid Sick Time

Group Discounts

Vision Insurance

Paid Holidays

YMCA Membership

Discount of 50%

Life Insurance

Bereavement Time


Short and Long Term