GW Announces Launch of EdiPro

GW Inc. Company Announces New EdiPro Brand Offering Copyediting and Proofreading Services for Authors, Businesses, and Publishers.

New editorial services company EdiPro to help health science, financial, and higher education writers and publishers clarify language and structure content through expert editorial services.

St. Louis, MO: GW Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their new brand and sister company, EdiPro. The new company will specialize in providing copyediting and proofreading services for research organizations, healthcare and pharmaceutical publications, educators, authors, and more.

EdiPro’s staff of professional editors has many years of experience and expertise in preparing quality content. They provide content in many different styles, including AMA, CMS, and APA.

Businesses, scholars, and educators need to properly structure their content and maintain clear language that makes it easy for people to read and understand. Hiring a professional editor with many years of editorial experience is the best way to ensure quality content without errors.

Healthcare, education, and research publishers produce high-profile content that has a serious impact on people and businesses – with no room for errors or mistakes. EdiPro customers require the services of a reliable and dependable copyediting and proofreading service that will check for mistakes and create content that explains their message clearly and concisely. EdiPro editors and copywriters will find and eliminate grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typographical errors. They can help save time and effort while clients focus on their core responsibilities. Manuscripts are properly formatted to follow professional industry guidelines. They help the client refine the narrative and focus the story to create a massive impact.

“I am confident our customers will take advantage of EdiPro’s new proofreading and editorial services. EdiPro may be a new name, but our strength and consistency of quality are built on 45 years of dedication to performing and adding clarity to our customer’s content” – Kevin Arrow, President.

The company has subject area editors who will format the manuscript with the proper academic tone and style. Every project is unique, and each client receives treatment tailored to their specific needs and requirements. EdiPro staff listens to their clients, improving the quality of their message to propel their ideas.

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About EdiPro

EdiPro is a GW Inc. Company that provides copyediting and proofreading services. They serve authors and clients in different industries, including higher education, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and research organizations, helping them fine-tune their manuscripts to meet professional standards and clarify their conversation.