Addressing quality control issues and unique challenges for a rushed manuscript delivery.

How the EdiPro team addressed quality control issues and unique challenges for a rushed manuscript delivery.

How the EdiPro team addressed quality control issues and unique challenges for a rushed manuscript delivery.

An international client hired EdiPro to copyedit several white papers and presentation materials ahead of a large conference.  Our team discussed project specifications and sought clarity during the project brief and startup.

Unique Challenges:

  • Accelerated schedules required an almost immediate turnaround despite continuing delays at the authoring stage
  • Requests to include multiple drafts and revisions with the master copy of sections after copyedit was completed. Resulting in required merging of multiple files and versions
  • Extensive style instructions that totaled nearly 200 pages
  • Technical issues encountered due to disparate versions of Microsoft Word complicated matters further, resulting in the inadvertent deletion and reformatting of content.
  • Combination and formatting of multiple files with tailored automated pre-editing tools
  • Quality assurance reviews of files
  • Uploading of files to the proprietary online system

Process & Approach

Despite tailoring our approach to best meet the client’s style and expectations, this project presented several unique challenges that lead to some quality concerns. After corrective actions and re-calibrating the workflow, EdiPro successfully delivered the manuscript on time with dramatically improved quality. These actions included:

  • Introduced an additional stage of editorial review, requiring multiple copyeditors
  • With multiple copyeditors reviewing the manuscript, we saw an opportunity to train additional editors on this client’s style guide
  • Completed an extensive automated pre-edit tool to improve the speed of copyediting and consistency in the application of style rules
  • Coordinated with internal information technology staff to investigate technical issues caused by multiple versions of Microsoft Word
  • Compared and combined several versions of manuscript at various copyedit stages
  • Performed robust internal quality assurance review of manuscripts at each stage of editorial review

Outcome & Results

After encountering copyedit quality concerns with the client, EdiPro instituted innovative workflows and developed tools and training that are still implemented.  We continue to provide copyediting services to this client without quality complaints.  Our editorial team identified significant challenges with this project and worked creatively to find novel solutions.

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