Using a specialized editor for specialized research.

Using a specialized editor for specialized research

Why using a specialized editor for specialized research is essential to success.

When you are choosing a copyeditor for your health science or pharmaceutical research, you might think, “Language is language. Any editor will do, right?” Wrong! In order to reach your publication goals, it’s important to know what a copyeditor does and what a specialized editor can do for you.

Copyeditors are professionals who are trained in helping writers communicate with their intended readers. To do this, editors apply conventions of:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Remove distracting errors
  • Suggest alternative phrases when necessary
  • Query unclear passages.

There is no unified set of requirements to become an editor, but these professionals often hold degrees in related fields such as English or journalism. They develop a broad base of experience through working in publishing houses, newsrooms, and industry-related companies.

But editing in the health sciences is a specialty in itself. Copyeditors in these fields must pair the English expertise of any other copyeditor with the scientific and mathematical knowledge that allows them to edit for conventions of style (such as AMA or journal-specific styles), common terms, and statistics, among other matters. These editors might even have certification from the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences or another institution. Whatever their qualifications are, you shouldn’t have to explain to your editor what a randomized controlled trial or a p value is.

When it comes to your research, not just any editor will do. We at EdiPro know this, and that’s why we vet and employ only experienced editors who are trained to edit in these fields. When you choose EdiPro to edit your research, we ask you to provide us with information about your work, and we do our best to pair you with an editor who is an expert in your specialty. Whether you’re an experienced writer who needs only a touch-up before publication or an ESL writer who needs a more intensive review, or anywhere in between, our editors carefully read your work and edit according to your specifications. Then, an EdiPro specialist reviews the edited manuscript for quality before sending it back to you.

We at EdiPro strive to help you make your research publication ready. Contact us today to start a conversation about your editorial needs.